I'm always writing code. These are a few smaller (but still interesting) things I've worked on:

  • csvsel, a program that lets you perform SQL-ish queries against a CSV file.
  • tsv, a program that makes CSV files out of plain text tables where data is separated and aligned by whitespace or tabs.
  • AutoLisp, a Common Lisp module that runs on the Hunchentoot web server to dynamically load and execute Lisp code to generate web pages.
  • A light-weight S/Key (RFC-2289) one-time password generator written in C.
  • Trbo, the Transcode Request Broker-O-Matic. A real-time, on-demand, video transcoder using Apache, VLC, and mod_python. Includes an RTSP handler for Apache! :)
  • A pretty good source code browser and highlighter. Uses Enscript for the coloring. Nice and portable and simple. Can even do hexdumps! :)
  • A silly exercise in making a GNU-style command-line argument parser using Yacc. Argparse-C and Argparse-C++.
  • GasMiles, a gas-mileage calculator written in C using Lex and Yacc. You keep a database of your gasoline receipts and it gives you nice reports. I also wrote an old Java version, but can't seem to find it anymore.