I'm currently working on the following projects, ordered by priority:

  1. Dropbox Android app

Followed by, in no particular order:

  • 1969 Buick Wildcat: My project car. In the process of restoring it to its former glory.
  • BackFS, both the C and Rust versions.

Completed / former projects:

  • Groove Music and Microsoft Movies & TV Windows and Windows Phone client apps (formerly known as Xbox Music and Xbox Video, and known as Zune before that). This is my main job at Microsoft. I work on the core entertainment platform that powers both of these apps (and a few others).
  • Windows 10. Because Groove Music and Movies & TV ship along with the OS, my responsibilities at times extend to the OS as well. I do lots of testing of pre-release builds of Windows. I normally use a pre-release Windows build as my main development platform.
  • Surface Music Kit, a Surface accessory and companion app for making and remixing music. I made the subsystem of the app which communicated with the surface hardware, processing input and controlling the LEDs on the device, as well as various UI features.
  • Breadcrumbs: a Windows Phone 8 map app designed for tracking your adventures.
  • EpsCalc, a reverse-polish notation scientific calculator for Windows Phone 7 and up. There's a free version and a $1 pro version with more features (it can do number base conversions and bitwise logic).
  • Data Feed System for Microsoft: Automated system for importing data into Windows' application/device compatibility and popularity database, used throughout the organization and by things like Windows Setup and Windows Compatibility Center.
  • psr.exe, a.k.a. Steps Recorder, an automated screenshot taking program included in all versions of Windows 7 and above. I worked on refactoring it for Windows 8.
  • BackFS: a Linux FUSE filesystem that provides a large transparent disk cache for remote network filesystems.